Drug Charges Attorney: Possession/Manufacture/Distribution

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorneys Cro & Rue offer experienced and aggressive defense against all drug charges, including simple drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, drug manufacturing charges, drug sales and distribution charges.

All Drug Charges: Misdemeanor and Felony Drug Charges Defense

Our firm handles all drug charges, including possession and sale charges involving marijuana, cocaine, crack, Meth, heroin, LSD, and Ecstasy. In addition to illegal drug and narcotics charges, our attorneys handle cases involving forged prescriptions or illegal possession of prescription drugs like oxycontin.

Know Your Rights

Many drug charges are based on flimsy evidence that may be supported by unconstitutional searches, seizures, or arrests. In addition, the key witnesses in many drug sale or distribution cases may be snitches: drug dealers or other convicted felons trying to get a more lenient sentence as a result of drug charges they face themselves.

As experienced criminal defense lawyers, our lawyers know how to effectively prepare for trial, make powerful pre-trial motions, and effectively cross-examine witnesses. We always prepare thoroughly for the possibility of trial — a strategy that has achieved many favorable results both at trial and in negotiated plea agreements that protect client’s rights and minimize criminal penalties and collateral consequences.

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