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If you are facing charges for weapons violations, the attorney you choose will make a significant impact in the outcome of your case. Felony charges are best faced with the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who can conduct a thorough investigation of your case and provide you with the most thorough and competent representation possible.

At the law office of Cro & Rue, we have extensive experience in the representation of clients facing weapons violations charges and other serious felony criminal charges. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our law firm represents clients throughout western Pennsylvania.

Aggressive Representation/Experienced Trial Lawyers

Prosecutors take a hard-line approach in cases involving allegations of a violent crime or weapons violations. If you have been charged with the illegal discharge of a weapon, illegal possession of a concealed weapon, permit violations, or another weapons violation involving a gun, knife, or other illegal weapon, you are undoubtedly facing the potential for a lengthy term of incarceration.

Our criminal defense team consists of experienced professionals who aggressively challenge the prosecution. After conducting an exhaustive process of investigation and discovery to uncover critical evidence, we actively pursue an acquittal, dismissal of charges, and the suppression of illegally obtained evidence.

Cro & Rue have more than 20 years of combined trial experience and are always prepared to effectively argue for clients’ rights and interests at trial. Prosecutors throughout western Pennsylvania know that we will take a case to trial if that is the best way to serve the interests of our clients.

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